Friday, December 28, 2012

Flashback Friday: 4-10-2010, Day 36 of building R2-TD

This is a few weeks behind. I went to a convention and got the "geek gunk", "con crud" or nerd flu"... what ever you want to call it. It kicked my butt. Been over 2 weeks and still sick but I am finally starting to feel better and a follower of the blog pointed out I havent been here forever. So here I am. I'm back! R2 now walks and talks. My friend Steve helped me finish up the last bit of wiring after I attempted to get things going. Turns out there was a lose connection so we had to go though somethings to find it. Heres some pictures of the wire mess. LOL! 

As I mentioned earlier... Ive been very sick. Before that, I managed to get some events in with R2.

We Celebrated R2's Central Anniversary. We had a BBQ and got some sun in. It was good to hang out with all the builders and see whats alls going on. 

R2 attended his first event. The VEX Robotic Championships in Omaha. The kids there were smarter than I was and knew more about Robotics than I did so they asked a ton of questions. They also loved they could see "inside" R2 and really see what he was made of. Heres some photos from the event.

And R2 made his first Road Trip. We went to Kansas City to Planet Comicon to see Matthew Wood, Ashley Eckstein and Tom Kane. They are voice talent behind the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon on Cartoon network. The trip was a good one but this is where I got sick.

Today R2 makes his second road trip to Willy Con in Wayne NE. He is the only droid going today so I'm sure he'll get some attention.

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