Sunday, July 24, 2011

Time to Rebuild

Unfortunately, I lost all the content to the previous Journey of Geek so if your looking for something past July 2011... it's not here. The good news is I have all the pictures of R2-TD's build and all of the various events over the last few years so if your looking for something specific. Just ask. :)

With that said, I'm taking the blog in a new direction. It's still going to be filled with the geeky things I do but I'm going to expand it a bit. It's going to cover everything which makes me, well me. There will still be tons of sci-fi stuff, Robot builds, conventions and the normal geeky stuff with a tad bit more. The new expanded stuff will be my quest to find the perfect burger, my first real shot at gardening and the other general life things that come up like the future remodeling of our house. There may even be some random thoughts and rants along the way. Who knows. All I know is I'm back and ready to give this a second go!