2012 Central US Conventions, Events and Festivals

Here is a list of Conventions which focus around science fiction, horror, comics, anime and gaming in the central part of the United States. States mostly listed are Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota. Occasionally a larger convention may also be included outside this geographical area. If you are an event organizer and would like your event added to list, Please e-mail us at journeyofgeek (at) gmail dot com. Please include a link to your event, location, dates, type or genre, typical attendance numbers or any other information you would like us to know. Thanks!

1/27/12-1/29/12 Vermincon, Vermillion SD - Gaming
2/3/12-2/5/12 Owl Con, Houston TX - Gaming
2/3/12-2/5/12 Ushicon, Round Rock TX - Anime
2/10/12-2/12/12 Gamicon, Iowa City IA - Gaming
2/10/12-2/12/12 Naka Kon, Overland Park KS - Anime
2/11/12-2/12/12Sci-fi Expo, Irvin TX - Sci Fi - Media
2/16/12-2/19/12 Anime Spark, Cedar Rapids IA - Anime
2/17/12-2/19/12 Visioncon, Springfield MO - Literary, Arts and Media
2/17/12-2/19/12 Con of the North, St Paul MN - Gaming
2/17/12-2/19/12 Mega Con, Orlando FL - Media
2/25/12 Fargo Moorehead Comic Com Fargo ND - Comics
2/26/12 Kansas City Fan Con Lenexa KS - Comics
3/2/12-3/4/12 Kearney Game Fest, Kearney NE - Gaming
3/9/12-3/12/12 MarsCon, Bloomington MN - Literary, Arts and Media
3/16/12-3/18/12 Wondercon, Anaheim CA - Comics and Media
3/16/12/3/18/12 Kawa kon, St Louis MO, Anime
3/16/12-3/18/12 All-Con, Dallas TX - Literary and Arts
2/23/12-3/25/12 Aggie Con, College Station TX - Gaming
3/24-3/25/12 Planet Comicon, Overland Park KS - Comics and Media
3/24/12-3/25/12 Creations Twilight Convention, Chicago IL - Media
3/29/13-3-31-13 Anomaly con, Denver CO
3/30/12-4/1/12 Fields of Honor, Des Moines IA - Gaming
3/30/12-4/1/12 Spring Recruits, Lee Summit MO - Gaming
3/30/12-4/1/12 Anime Detour, Bloomington MN - Anime
3/30/12-4/1/12 Still Con, Stillwater OK - Gaming
4/3/12-4/30/12 Slash and Bash, Topeka KS, Film
4/6/12-4/8/12 Minicon, Minneapolis, MN - Literary and Art
4/6/12-4/8/12 Chimaera con, San Antonio, TX - Gaming
4/13-12-4/15/12 Constellation, Lincoln, NE - Literary and Arts
4/13/12-4/15/12 C2e2, Chicago,IL Comics and Media
4/14/12-4/15/12 Crations Vampire Diaries Convention, Chicago IL - Media
4/20/12-4/22/12 Willycon, Wayne, NE - Literary and Art
4/20/12-4/22/12 MAGE Spring con, South Sioux City NE Gaming
4/20/12-422/12 Starfest, Denver, CO - Comics, Horror, Media and Robotics
5/4/12-5/6/12 Core Con, Fargo ND - Literary, Arts and Gaming
5/4/12-5/6/12 Demicon, Des Moines,IA Literary and Arts
5/5/12 Free Comic Book Day, Everywhere - Comics
5/19-20/12 Dallas Comic Con, Dallas, TX - Comics and Media
5/19/12-5/20/12 Creations Twilight Con, Kansas City MO - Media
5/25/12-5/27/12 Conquest, Kansas City, MO Literary and Art
5/?/13-5/?13 spectrum art, Kansas City, MO - Art
6/1/12-6/3/12 Quad Cities Anime, Davenport IA - Anime
6/1/12-6/3/12 Duckon, Schaumburg, IL - Literary and Art
6/8/12-6/10/12 Nerd-Kon, Omaha NE - Art, Literary and Media
6/9/12-6/10/12 Project Comic Con, St Louis MO - Comics
6/14/12-6/16/12 Contamination, - St Louis MO - Media
6/23/12-6/24/12 Maker Faire Kansas City, Kansas City MO - Science, Costumes
6/29/12-6/30/12 Trek Fest, Riverside, IA (The Birthplace of Captain Kirk!) Festival
6/29/12-7/1/12 Animinneapolis, Minneapolis MN - Anime
7/5/12-7/8/12 Convergence, St Paul, MN - Literary, Arts and Media
7/5/12-7/8/12 Campbell Conference, Lawrence KS, Literary
7/6/12-7/8/12 Kant Con, Overland Park KS Gaming
7/12/12-7/15/12 Comic Con, San Diego, CA - Comics and Media
7/20/12-7/22/12 Sogen Con, Sioux Falls SD - Anime
7/27/12-7/29/12 OSFest, Omaha NE - Literary and Arts
7/27/12-7/29/12 Anime Iowa, Coralville IA - Anime
8/3/12 Diversicon, Minneapolis MN - Literary
8/6/12-8/7/12 MysticFest 2012, Omaha NE - Literary and Arts
8/9/12-8/12/12 Chicago Comic Con, Chicago IL - Comics and Media
8/16/12-8/19/12 GENCON, Indianapolis, In - Gaming
8/17/12-8/19/12 CREATIONS Stargate Convention, Chicago IL - Media
8/17/12-8/19/12 Motaku, Kansas City MO - Anime
8/24/12-8/25/12 Lincoln Zombie Fest, Lincoln NE - Horror
8/24/12-8/26/12 Cryptic Con, Kansas City MO - Horror
8/31/12-9/2/12 Meta Con, Bloomington MN - Anime
8/31/12-9/3/12 Magecon South, South Sioux City NE - Gaming
8/31/12-9/3/12 Dragoncon, Atlanta GA - Media
9/8/12 Free State Comicon  Lawrence KS - Comics and Artists
9/14/12-9/16/12 Con X, Kansas City MO - Media
9/21/12-9/23/12 Fencon, Dallas TX - Literary and Arts
9/28/12-9/30/12 Fall Field of Honor, Des Moines IA - Gaming
10/5/12 - 10/7/12 Nukecon,Omaha NE - Gaming
10/6/12 MCBA FallCon Comic Book Party, St Paul MN - Comics
10/12/12-10/14/12 Archcon, St. Louis MO - Literary and Art
10/19/12-10/21/12 Valleycon, Fargo ND - Media
10/19/12-10/21/12 Mile hi con, Denver CO, Literary
10/19/12-10/21/12 Anime Fusion, Bloomington MN - Anime
10/?/12 Mile High Con, Denver CO - Literary and Art
10/26/12-10/28/12 Ausin Comic Con, Austin TX - Comics and Media
10/26/12-10/28/12 A Salute to Supernatual, Chicago IL - Media
11/2/12-11/4/12 Nebraskon, Omaha, NE - Anime
11/2/12-11/4/12 Iowa ICON, Cedar Rapids IA - Literary and Arts
11/10/11 Comic Book ICON, Altoona, IA - Comics
11/23/12-11/25/12 Chicago Tardis, Chicago IL - Media

Notable events
5/26/12-9/3/12 Star Wars: When Science Meets Imagination, Wichita KS - Science
6-8-12-9-30-12 DinoQuest2: Trek Through Time  Bellevue NE - Science
6-8-12-9-9-12 Omaha Children's Museum "The Wonderful World of Oz" Omaha NE

2013 Events
Omaha World herald 6-812 reports the Omaha Performing Arts will host "Distant Worlds" Music from Final Fantasy" of 3-21-13.  From its origins as a 8-bit Nintendo Game to its status today as major gaming hardware, Final Fantasy video games have always been recognized for the scores.  For the games 25th anniversary, Grammy Award-winning conductor Arnie Roth will lead an orchestra and choir through a 2 hour concert with music from all games in the series.  The concert will feature video from the games and original composer Nobuo Uematsu sill also be in attendance.