Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bug Out Bag

With the return of the Walking Dead tomorrow, it got me thinking it was time to recheck my bug out bag.  I put this bag together some time ago as a just in case we had to run from the house in case of an emergency type thing. Mines a short stay bag.  Its only meant to handle 48 hours for 2 people.

Whats in my bag?  Here's a detailed list:
1 zip up backpack
2 -12 hour Emergency Light sticks
1 rain Pancho
2 Emergency heat blankets
2 - 36 hours of food bars
2 - 36 hour supply of water
1 pack of tissues
Tube of antibiotic cream
Fold up 16 tool kit
draw string garbage bag
wind up flash light
4 burn pad gauze
10 small gauze pads
4 - 4 inch guaze
10 yards of water proof tape
2 - 80 count assorted band aids
5 yards of non stick tape
1 pair of examine gloves
1 box of flexible band aids
1 cold pack
1 eye pad
1 pack of burn gel
1 pack of anti itch cream
2 rolls of toilet paper
1 manual can / bottle opener
1 first aide guide
1 plastic water proof storage case
1 pair of scissors
1 deck of cards

Ice Ice Baby!... Its Polar Plunge time!

Seems I forgot to mention my first fund raiser of the year. Im taking to the icy waters again this year for the Nebraska Special Olympics. Be sure to check out and donate to My Polar Plunge page!  I am half way to my goal of $500.  Please consider a donation no matter how small.  Every Little bit helps.

Saturday, 2-16-13, Comes see me and other Star Wars Characters take the plunge into the icy waters of Cunningham Lake, located at 8660 lake Cunningham Road in Omaha! Individual Plunges will start at 11 am and we will be taking photos from 9:30 to 10:30.  Hope to see you there!

Here are some photos from last years plunge.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: 7-22-2010, Day 41 of building R2-TD

So OSFest is upon us and TD has never looked better. I've been working on him all week getting him ready for this event. Thanks to Brad for lending a hand and a few tools too. I couldnt of done it with out him. Well, maybe I could of but the end result wouldnt of been the same. Anyways, take a look at R2. Dome logics were painted black to blend with the rest of the body, Leg details and more leg details and my attempt at making a skirt. I think it turned out pretty good. Front vents are in and painted. I have some touch up work to do there before CV but it will work for this weekend. Just need to work on some foot shells and than I can start on his back.