Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: 7-22-2010, Day 41 of building R2-TD

So OSFest is upon us and TD has never looked better. I've been working on him all week getting him ready for this event. Thanks to Brad for lending a hand and a few tools too. I couldnt of done it with out him. Well, maybe I could of but the end result wouldnt of been the same. Anyways, take a look at R2. Dome logics were painted black to blend with the rest of the body, Leg details and more leg details and my attempt at making a skirt. I think it turned out pretty good. Front vents are in and painted. I have some touch up work to do there before CV but it will work for this weekend. Just need to work on some foot shells and than I can start on his back.

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