Other Geeky Blogs I follow:
A Geek about Town - Find out whats happening in and around Omaha
Passing as Normal - Reviews of Books, Movies and More with some random thoughts mixed in of a Geeky Mom
Alls Fair in Love and Star Wars - Random thoughts from my very good friend Beau
have nerd will travel - Random thoughts and activities from Mike
Heather's Blog - a very nearly Hippy
My Life with a Geek - My wife's thoughts on living with me

R2 builder blogs and sites
Astromech - The official R2 Builders site
Arteedootoo- A building blog from a Stay at home Mom
Victor's R2D2 Building Diary- lots and lots of good building info
R2-AL - Lynelle's blog on R2-AL
R2-C4 - Holse's blog on the making of R2-C4
R2 Stockholm factory - Thomas's building diary
R2Q5 Brenda's build of R2-Q5
R3T7 Brenda's build of R3-T7
tomsr2 - Calvin's R2-D2
tomsr5 - Calvin's R5-D4
Artood2fett- Jason T's building blog
Todd & jessicas droid build - Todd and Jessica's droid building
bluedroid - Jon's building blog
Chris Lee TV Chris Lee's R2 build
Goldie R3-S6- Crissy's build of Goldie R3-S6
R2-NU Jason T's building blog
Rusty Sand Crawler - Michael's build blog
Astromech blog - Cole's blog
Midwest Robots- A Central US building group
Senna's R2D2 - Mike Senna's building blog
Paul's R2D2 Paul's R2-D2
John's Droid John's Droid Diary
Paul's second R2The building of a second droid
The bad MotivatorA build of R5D4
Build R2-D2Matt's R2 build

Geeky News sites
Aint it Cool News

Geeky Stores
Legend Comics Omaha nE
Dragons Lair Omaha NE
Krypton Comics Omaha NE
Acme Comics Sioux City IA
Think Geek

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