Monday, August 20, 2012

Celebrity Sighting - Cornhusker Heisman's, 9-1-12 Lincoln NE

The Fan House in Lincoln NE will be hosting an autograph signing with Heisman trophy Winners Johnny Rodgers (1972), Mike Rozier (1983) and Eric Crouch (2001) on 9-1-12 at their store in Gateway mall. A VIP session is available from 9 am to 10:15 am ($100 get photo with players and tropheys and a personalized autograph picture) and than the a General Public session from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Cost per item - Mini Helmets $50 with autographs, Full Size Helmets $150 with autographs, Footballs $50 with autographs, Photos $25 with autographs, Your item $35 with autographs. For more information, call Fan House at 402-601-6257.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Flash Back Friday: August 29th 2009 - Day 17of Building R2-TD, Dome motor holders

Almost 2 years-  Heres this weeks Flashback Friday of building R2-TD.

Day 17 of building R2 assembled the Dome motor holder. Remember those white plastic looking pieces I cut back on Day 2... I finally get to use them! Moose helped me align everything in place and showed me where to cut to allow for the plate to hold. He also drilled a few of the mount holes for me. Just a few little tweaks and this will be all mounted. Heres some pics of us in action.

We also glued a little more on Steve's legs so he would be caught up with everyone elses.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Flash Back Friday: August 8th 2009 - My Other Love: The Big Red!

Today is Fan Day in Lincoln so I thought I'd Flashback to 2009's fan day experience.  This year will be the 8th year I went in row.  Photos soon of the this years event! 

We know I love autographs and but I have another big hobby. I'm a pretty big college football fan. I enjoy college football much more than pro because the players play for the love of the game and not money like the pro's often do. Living in Nebraska, it's pretty obvious I follow the Nebraska Cornhuskers pretty close. I've grown up following them for as long as I can remember and it's a pretty big thing in my family. Today, the Huskers hosted "Fan Day" and I made the trip to Memorial Stadium to join the fun. This is the 7th time in the last 10 years I've went and it gets bigger each year. My Dad is also a big Husker fan and he usually makes the trip down and we make a day of it. He couldn't make it this year and because of the heat, Dawn didn't go so it was just me this year. I still had a great time. I try to get as many signatures as possible in the alloted time. It's pretty hard to get more than a hand full of players with 10000 people all tring to do the same thing in a hour and half time frame so I started "2 year" signed ball. The first I did was 2006 - 2007 and I got about half of the team. The newest ball, 2008 - 2009, I managed to get the entire team minus the Offensive line and tight ends. There just wasn't enought time. I got 40 defensive and special teams sigs last year and added 37 offensive players this year. Heres some photos of the madness today and some of the future Husker Stars. Enjoy!
Some Crowd shots showing the madness!

QB Zac Lee

WR Will Henry

WR Niles Paul

WR Menelik Holt

LB Phillip Dillard

I Back Quentin Castille

I Back Roy Helu Jr

Head Coach Bo Pelini

Me at the end of the day with my nearly complete team ball. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celebrity Sighting - 2012 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska Football Fan day is set for Friday from 2 -3:30pm at Memorial Stadium.  The photo above shows where each group of players will be seated. Some reminders:
-Gate 2 and 24 are the only gates open and is also where the restrooms will be.
-1 autographs per player or coach
-Husker Authentic will be on hand selling mechandise outside the stadium
-The event ends at 3:30.  Please allow coaches and players to leave on time.
-Parking is available in lots 5 and 8.

Omaha Nighthawk News! The UFL League is Still alive!

So Tons of UFL Omaha Nighthawks news and rumors over the last week. We learned last week CBS Sports had picked up rights to broadcast the games. Today, we learn the schedule and that all games are during the week and at night! (Times Central Standard) 9-21 Virginia Destroyers 6pm. 9-28 @Sacramento Mountain Lions 10pm, 10-3 Las Vegas Locos 8pm, 10-12 Virginia 6pm, 10-17 Las Vegas 8pm, 10-23 Sacramento 8pm, 10-31 @ Las Vegas 8pm, 11-9 @ Virginia 8:30pm and the Championship game on 11-16 8pm Site to be determined. TD Ameritrade Park posted the schedule on its Facebook page so one would assume that is where they will play again.

Rumor also has it from sources on Twitter and ESPN, Bart Andrus will be the Nighthawks' new head coach (He was last years Offensive Coordinator); league's Larry Weisman is not offering confirmation but also didnt deny it tweeting nothing had been announced yet and to kindly remove all tweets about the Nighthawks coach until an official announcement has been made. (yeah Right!)