Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Now I have issues....

So I have to confess something. I have never bought a comic book for myself until today. Sure, I've bought a book here and there but it was always because either because I could turn it for a profit quickly or I was meeting one of the creators and I could have it signed to again, turn it for a profit quickly. I don't recall ever buying one to read. The only ones I had read, were the ones I picked up at Free Comic Book day over the last several years.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I was given a gift card to Legend Comics and Coffee. I've been to the shop several times since it had opened but usually it was for business purposes. So on a whim, after getting their e-mail stating Avengers vs X-men 0 was on sale today half off, I thought maybe I'd check it out. They have recently moved into a freshly remodeled store and I had yet to visit and check it out. Also, I'd seen the buzz around the release off issue #1 next week all over. Several stores are having release parties and huge sales just for this issue coming out. I was to guess it's a big deal... So I jumped on the bandwagon. While in the neighborhood of the comic shop today, I swung by and picked up my copy of issue 0. It been a fun read so far. I can see myself getting into comics very easily but had fought the urge for a long time.

So what took long? Why get in now? It just feels right. See, I grew up a small Nebraska town. When I say small, I mean really small. Worms NE... population 19 was my home. You can guess we didnt have a comic store. The only public places in town was the local church and the local bar. The town I went to high school in, Palmer NE, wasn't much better at 500 people. The closest place to get a comic was in Grand Island NE but you had to get lucky and find them at a grocery store or gas station. I'm not aware of a comic shop in town even today. You'd have to drive to Kearney NE to find a decent shop in the area.

Anywho, when I went to college in Wayne NE, again... not comic shop. needless to say I wasn't into sci-fi much than either. That did change somewhere around my junior year. The original Star Wars Trilogy was re-released and the local Pizza Hut was given out coupons for micro machines at Toys-R-US. Sure, we had to drive to Sioux City to use them them, but it sparked an interest in sci-fi for me again which I hadn't had since my child hood. Between that and a Fraternity brother giving me Timothy Zahn's 'Thrawn Trilogy' (thanks Frater Jamison!) to read one day when I was bored, I was starting to get back into the Galaxy far far away I had known so fondly as a child.

After college, I moved to Lincoln NE where I read every Star Wars book I could get my hands on minus the comics. I started collecting the toys and soon autographs as the prequels started to come out. Comics still never crossed my mind. I couldn't even tell you if Lincoln has a comic book store. In fact, anything outside of Star Wars didn't cross my mind. It wasn't until I moved to Omaha, and even at that, many years after I moved to Omaha, did I begin to expand my sci-fi world. Still, rarely even a visit to a comic shop. I only knew one shop and their prices were so marked up past normal retail on the stuff I would buy, I refused to shop there regularly. I know the guys who buy the toys for the shop as I would see them in the toy isles. We all jockeyed to get the new hottest toys and that may of even pushed me farther from comics. Who knows. It just didn't interest me.

You would think as I talk about going to Free Comic book Day and one of the larger comic book convention in the area, Planet Comicon... Comics would of been a natural fit for me. But, I didn't go to those things for the comics. I went for autographs, costuming and to see friends I've met over the years. Sometimes, thats the only time I get to see some of those friends. Comics were far from my mind. Still, something clicked recently and made wonder what I'm missing. Could comics fill a void? We'll see. Either way.... it should be fun getting into them. At least I hope it will be... :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Planet Comicon 2012 re-cap

Just getting home from Planet Comicon. What a rush! The place was PACKED full of awesomeness. When I say packed... I mean packed!

We arrived at the show a little later than normal. Doors opened at 10 and usually I'm there by 8 helping set up and getting ready for the show. This year, we ran behind and came in about 11:30. I thought, not a big deal. In years past, the main crowd would be in and we could walk right in. Not the case this year. At 11:30, there was still a line severial hundred deep waiting to get tickets and get in. Thank goodness, said line didnt apply to people who pre-reg so we got to walk right past all those people and get in. R2-TD didnt make the trip this year and I'm kinda glad he didnt . It was wall to wall people. I started the show by working our way to the autograph area. Once there I got a few Jake Llyod and Adrienne Wilkinson autographs for a few friends.

Than we jumped on over to the Billy Dee Williams line which had just started to form. We were maybe 30 people back from the front and were told he would be signing from 1:30 to 4 pm. The time, Noon. So wait we do. Finally, Billy Dee comes in at 1pm. he does a photo op first and started signing about 1:15.

After, we met Billy Dee, we left for a bit for Lunch. We took our time and enjoyed the 82 degree weather unheard of for Kansas in March. We than went back to find a much less crowded show. It was still hopping, by you could actually move now. I took the opportunity to shop and catch some costumes.

Overall, the show was great. I thought it was well run and the staff did a great job getting lines to move and making sure people knew where to go. The show utilized its space much better this year than in years past. I wouldn't be surprised if they move to a bigger venue next year. I had heard the attendance double to tripled last year judging by the parking lot. In fact, The biggest thing that sucked was parking. You had to walk, most likely around the building to get in.

While writing this, this popped up in my timeline on Facebook. The video isnt mine but it shows the convention much better than I explain. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Am I really this old? The Hunger Games as a midnight movie

Last night I did something I have only done a hand full of times. I went to a midnight showing of 'The Hunger Games'; I ask am I really this old because I had to take a nap before going 'out' for the night. LOL! Normally, I pass on the midnight shows. Before this one, I'd only seen the latest Star Wars and Lord of the Rings flicks as a midnight showing and that was just so I wasn't 'spoiled' on what happened. I just cant stay up as late as I used to and even when I try, I'm often asleep well before midnight. So I snuck a hour or so nap in after work just to make sure I made it to the end.

My wife and I set out to join our friends for this movie around 10 pm. I was the only one in the party who had not read the book but I knew enough about the story to kinda know what was going to happen. Besides being surrounded by teenagers who thought it would be best to give a play by play on how the book was different from the movie... I had a great time. I finally got them to shut up about 3/4 though the flick. Anyways, The movie kept my interest and was well paced. The effects and sound were well done and everything was visually pleasing. I wont go into the story or how I was told what was different from the book; just know I had a good time and made it to the end. I also can't wait to pick up the book and read it. Rarely does a movie make me want to do that. That alone should tell you I enjoyed the movie and can't wait for more.

Flash Back Friday: August 17th 2009 - The Real Day 15 of building R2-TD

Some of you may of have noticed there wasn't an update this last Tuesday. I missed build night last week so Moose and I got together today to work on R2 instead. It was a productive day. We cut and welded the whole center leg support. Jen lent me her center leg so once we had everything put together, we could make sure everything fit properly. Here are some photos of today's work.

Flash Back Friday: August 5th 2009 - Day 15 of Building R2-TD

Well, it's Tuesday and that means it build night. I ran a little late tonight due to some buisness e-mails. Once I got to Mooses and got everything set up, the phone rang again and had more buisness to take care of. Once I finially got off the phone it was time to work. Here's pics of my progress.

You guessed... not a darn thing done. I supervised LC while he worked on his skirt than I watched Moose do some cutting on his new project while knocking back a cold one! Sometimes lifes good! Tune in next week to see how much farther I progress... LOL!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Comic Book Day is coming May 5th

Its almost the 1st Saturday of May and that means Free Comic Book day is coming to a store near you! What is Free Comic Book day? Well, it is what it says. Its a day where you can go to your local comic book store and get free comics. Many of the comic book publishers make special books and items to hand out for this event. Some stores hand out many, some stores hand out just a few. You'll need to check with your local store to see what thier limitations, rules and participation will be for sure.

The day also brings many sales and events to your local store. I asked around to a few of the shops in the area to see if anything was happening and here are some of the events reported back:

ACME Comics and Collectibles(1622 Pierce St, Sioux City IA) will have free comics available. The store has also teamed with Gamestop to host a video game tournament. The local Judo club will also be on hand holding demonstrations. For more information, Please call the store at 712-258-6171.

Legend Comics and Coffee (5207 Leavenworth St, Omaha NE) will have free comics available. The store also is doing a giveaway of 'Amazing Fantasty #15' and various other prizes to benefit the Nebraska Make A Wish Foundation. The issue is the very first appearance of Spider Man and is sought after by many comic collectors. Tickets are $5, 100% of ticket sales goes towards Make a Wish Nebraska. You do not need to be present to win and may purchase as many tickets as you would like. For more information, please call the store at 402-391-2377.

Krypton Comics (2819 S. 125th Ave
Suite 261 Omaha, NE) also will have Free comics available. Various artists will be on hand doing sketches and various costume characters will be around to pose in pictures. This store is also bringing in one big damn hero - ADAM BALDWIN! Thats right - John Casey from Chuck, Jayne Cobb from Firefly.... the list goes on and on, is coming to Omaha. I'm told autographs will be $30 per item. (I am doing a send in if you can't make it and want something signed, email me at jourenyofgeek (at)gmail dot com for more details) For more information on this event, call the store at 402-391-4131.

Don't see your local shop listed? You can see if your store is participating in Free Comic Book Day by visiting the main Free Comic Book Day web site HERE or just call your local comic shop.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MS Walk Omaha, 4-14-12

Next Charity event is off and running... err walking! I'm team captain of "Rebels with a cause" and we are raising money to the MS Society. Members of the Rebel Legion, the 501st Legion and R2-TD will be joining us on April 14, 2012 at the CenturyLink Center Lot D1 at 8:30 a.m. Check-in to pose for pictures before the event. At 9:30 a.m. the Walk Begins.

If you would like to donate to this event or would like to sign up to join these Star Wars fans in fundraising and the walk, information can be found at my page HERE! Thanks!


The day has finally come... Hair cut day. Thank you to to the people who donated and helped me raise $50 for St. Baldricks. Unfortunately, I did not make it to Sioux Falls to join in the fun but that didnt stop me from my commitment.

Here is the Before
And here is the After!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Planet Comicon 3-24/3-25 2012 Overland Park Kansas

Its March and that means another trip to Overland Park Kansas for Plant Comicon! This is the 5th year I'll have made the trip down and in my opionion, this show gets better and better every year! This year, I expect nothing less. I'm guessing if all goes well, this convention will have out grown its space as the crowds get larger and larger each year also. Of course when you bring in media guests like Billy Dee Williams, Edward James Olmos, a reunion of Buck Rodgers cast and more comicbook creators you can shake your stick at.... that usually happens. Add the guests on top of the gaming, shows, panels and costumes... theres no doubt there will be something for every geek to enjoy. Check back here at the end of the month for photos and my spoils... until than, here are a few of my favorite photos with some of the cool people I've met at Planet Comicons past...
Clone Wars voice actors Tom Kane, Ashley Eckstein, Matt Woods,. Steve, R2-JB, Myself and R2-TD
No-one messes with my touchdown!
Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) with R2-TD and myself
Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Me
Sarah Douglas of Superman fame with me

Flash Back Friday err Saturday: August 2nd 2009 - Day 14 of Building R2-TD

Not much going on today so that means its a good day to work on R2. Moose and I met up and started working on a new project of his. than we worked a little on R2-TD. Since it will be a few weeks before I get the foot shells complete, we made temp ones. R2-TD now stands on his own!

We also stared working on some of the "guts" on the inside. Here Moose is cutting some angle iron and than I'm grinding it smooth.