Friday, November 30, 2012

Flashback Friday: 2-22-2010, Day 30 of building R2-TD

R2 got lots of love this weekend. Saturday, the gang got together at Mooses and worked on our parts. I started to assemble my motor holders only to find out the hole is cut too small. I have to now file it out to make it fit. It's going to take forever!! 

Than Sunday, Brad heated up his garage so we could all paint. I finished off my pie pieces and started on the dome. Something weird happened and my dome paint crackled on me. I'm now sanding it off and will try again with a coat of primer.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Flashback Friday:2-13,18-2010 Day 28 and 29 of building R2-TD

Tried to have a build day today but mother nature didn't cooperate with me. I did however make it to the hardware store and picked up the last few parts I needed to really finish assembling R2. I also picked up some paint. The color's I went with are Krylon fusion red pepper and Krylon flat white. It won't be long now until Omaha has it's newest R2 up and running! 

1st coat of paint is on. Heres what the Red Pepper looks like.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The R2-D2 build has begun.

R2-TD has been fun and gets a lot of looks at events but few things gets attention more than R2-D2.  There use to be 2 R2-D2's is town, but one moved away so to fill the void at events I've decided to start building another one.  Shortly before Star Wars Celebration CVI,  The group at Midwest Robots decided to do a frame run of R2's.  Clay offered up the use of his CNC machine so I jumped at the chance to be included.  The CNC made precise cuts and was much easier to work with than when I did Td's frame by hand.  After we finished cutting and started assembling, We found in the first few there was an error in some measurements. Turnes out the plans we off in a few spots and some adjustments needed to be made. Being off just a tad in a few spots would require a little sanding  and a few simple tweaks.  Last week gathered all the parts to dry fit my frame. Last night we finished making the final adjustments and cuts.  Next week I will start gluing it all together.  Here are some photos from the build so far.

Clay trims the main frame support.
 The CNC machine continues to cut in the background. 

 Things are fitting together well
 We mark the pieces so we can find the exact center to have have a well balanced droid.

 Everything is lining up and centered nicely.
Next week we should be able to start gluing. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: 3-9-2010, Day 27 of building R2-TD

Tonight we worked on my sound system. Moose helped me wire up all the connections I soldered back in December to my 12 button remote. Than we found out my THINK GEEK system does not work. We hooked my only 12 button remote up to Moose's black box and it worked. Lucky I have a spare THINK GEEK system so I will bring it over next time and start over again. We also found out my remote is the same frequency as Moose's R2 so I will have to change that also. Here are a few shots of the frustration.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday: 2-2-2010, Day 26 of building R2-TD

We had a good turn out for build night. LC and Dash worked on their domes, Moose worked on some skin and I worked on my motor holders. After some "trouble" with the pop rivet gun, we got everything together. Heres some shots from the night. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: 1-24-2009, Day 25 of building R2-TD

Today, Moose needed to borrow one of my saws to finish the work bench in his basement. Since I was there, I helped him finish the table and get it all together. Once we had it all done, we had to break it in and work on droids! The table is big enough we both were able to set out droids on it and work side by side and not be in each others way. We both finished adding our 3rd legs so both are standing. Than we both began wiring the legs. I also got a lesson in soldering. It was a very productive day!

The finished workbench

R2 standing on his own

A different angle showing the third leg installed

The wiring of the legs has begun

Moose gave me a lesson in soldering