Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bug Out Bag

With the return of the Walking Dead tomorrow, it got me thinking it was time to recheck my bug out bag.  I put this bag together some time ago as a just in case we had to run from the house in case of an emergency type thing. Mines a short stay bag.  Its only meant to handle 48 hours for 2 people.

Whats in my bag?  Here's a detailed list:
1 zip up backpack
2 -12 hour Emergency Light sticks
1 rain Pancho
2 Emergency heat blankets
2 - 36 hours of food bars
2 - 36 hour supply of water
1 pack of tissues
Tube of antibiotic cream
Fold up 16 tool kit
draw string garbage bag
wind up flash light
4 burn pad gauze
10 small gauze pads
4 - 4 inch guaze
10 yards of water proof tape
2 - 80 count assorted band aids
5 yards of non stick tape
1 pair of examine gloves
1 box of flexible band aids
1 cold pack
1 eye pad
1 pack of burn gel
1 pack of anti itch cream
2 rolls of toilet paper
1 manual can / bottle opener
1 first aide guide
1 plastic water proof storage case
1 pair of scissors
1 deck of cards

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