Friday, January 4, 2013

Flashback Friday: 4-28-2010, Day 37 of building R2-TD

Brad, Steve and I finally got a moment to work with my A&A skins. It took a while to get everything ready to mount because those guys use every little piece of styrene for various parts. Each piece is taped down and came out very easy once the tape was removed. I already have some of the parts so I have extra pieces to use for reinforcement or a spare. 

We opted to staple the inter frame as its not likely to be removed. The outer frame is screwed on. We lined everything up with the top top of the frame but after doing it, I wish we should lined it up with the bottom. Anyways, heres some photos of R2 getting some skin! 

Here I remove all the tape and begin to pop out the pieces.

R2 before we begin

We test fitted to make sure everything fits.

Things are startingto look good.

We optedto staple the inter skins

I cut a back access door out of the back piece so I can access the batteries easier.

Things are looking good.

And R2 has skin... now to paint!

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